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All first consultations with our lawyers are free.

Coping with a serious personal injury is not easy.  Dealing with insurance companies and a myriad of forms and time periods can be overwhelming when you or your loved one are physically injured and are facing an uncertain future.

We make the process easier with a free first consultation with one of our personal injury lawyers. You can meet with a lawyer and members of our legal team who will listen to your concerns and provide you with meaningful advice.

During your first visit, our team will ask you to tell your story. You will be heard – not spoken to. We will take as much time as is necessary to understand… what took place, what may have caused your injury and who may be at fault.

We will provide you with written brochures to help you with your next steps and will advise:

  • Whether you can sue
  • How costs will be dealt with
  • How your case will be evaluated

Please contact us to see how we can help you.

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All initial consultations are free.

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Suite 1100-200 Elgin Street, Ottawa, Ontario K2P 1L5 T:613-567-4412 F:613-567-9751
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